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Geographic & Non-Geographic Phone Numbers

0800 Numbers

Using freephone 0800 numbers is a great way to ensure you get the best response from your marketing and advertising campaigns.

0800 numbers are well recognised and free to call making them one of the most popular number ranges in the UK.

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0845 Numbers

0845 numbers are a well established number range and known as a lo-call number. 0845 numbers have been traditionaly used by companies looking for a number that is cheap for callers to ring and maintain.

Calls to 0845 numbers are typically free of charge to people calling from a UK landline. Mobile operators vary.

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0843 Numbers

0843 numbers are a fixed rate number which means it will cost the caller a fixed amount per minute no matter what time of day they ring it.

If your business receives a lot of incoming calls then an 0843 number might be a good source of additional income. Lanonyx Telecom offer companies with reasonable volumes of inbound minutes a rebate of 1p up to 2.5p on every incoming minute they receive to their chosen 0843 number.

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0333 Numbers

0333 numbers are fast becoming a popular choice amongst business users due to them being the cheapest non-geographic number to call from any major UK landline or mobile operator.

Unlike the many other number ranges, calls to 03 numbers are included within many tariff.

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01/ 02 Numbers

If you want a memorable local number or to give your business a presence in another town or city, then using a geographic number is a great way to achieve this without having the overheads of runnng another office.

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